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Virtual Coaching with Kelley Garris

The Sibme Virtual Coaching Process with Kelley Garris   Our Virtual Coaching process is a high-impact way for schools and districts to improve instruction. Our Director of Virtual Coaching, Allyson Burnett, had a great conversation with Kelley Garris about the...
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Tips for Instructional Coaches: Using Video in Katy ISD

Katy Independent School District Secondary Curriculum & Instruction   Instructional Coaches Katy Independent School District have spent a little over a year honing their skills with video. Over that time, they have compiled a few Tips and Tricks for...
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Impact Now: Instructional Coaching with Video Part 6

Impact Now: Instructional Coaching with Video Part 6 of our 9 Part series In this webinar, Dr. Tonya Goree, popular speaker and award-winning elementary school principal, along with two of her building instructional coaches, will discuss their use of Sibme’s video...
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Instructional Coaching Cycles: What’s the right Choice?

by Kenneth McKee, NBCT How to Choose the Right Instructional Coaching Cycle   Research continues to support how instructional coaching cycles can enhance teachers’ practice. But, some debate what exactly counts as a coaching cycle. The truth is there are a few...
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