"There is always an easy solution to every human problem – neat, plausible and wrong." - H.L. Mencken

Does Instructional Coaching Have an Impact?

Districts around the country are trying to measure the impact of instructional coaching on teacher effectiveness and student performance. While the correlation between teacher quality and student outcomes has long been proven, there have been few studies which...
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[VIDEO] Fostering Teacher Self Reflection on Instruction

Structuring Teacher Self Reflection for a successful experience Dr. Barbara Bishop of West Georgia RESA joined us for a short conversation about her experience using Sibme to support teachers across the region served by the RESA. Teacher self reflection is a powerful...
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Personalized Learning for Teachers: 10 Steps to Success

Personalized Learning for Teachers: 10 Steps to Success Everyone agrees that personalized learning is the best way to improve outcomes for students. Most teachers are pressured to differentiate instruction in their classrooms. So why is professional development still...
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Partner Spotlight: KIPP Spirit Academy

    KIPP Spirit College Preparatory Academy serves 411 fifth through eighth graders in south Houston. The KIPP Houston Public Schools network has been using video enhanced professional development for a while now, finding new ways to make teaching public and...
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