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Sibme Product Updates July 2019

Sibme Product Updates July 2019

Sibme Software Updates: July 2019


We’ve got some awesome updates coming to Sibme over the next couple of months. Starting July 15th, you’ll notice some new and exciting changes on the web and mobile versions of Sibme. These include:


Videos + Resources = Artifacts:

We’ve combined the Videos and Resources tabs in Workspace and Huddles into a single tab called “Artifacts.” Now, you’ll be able to see all of your learning artifacts (Videos, Images, Audio Files, Documents, Spreadsheets and MORE) in a single place.

Huddle Header


Learn More about updated Artifacts


Do More on Mobile:

Use the Sibme iOS and Android mobile apps to do even more! We’ve added the ability to create and post to Huddle Discussions from your mobile apps, a refreshed look to Coaching and Collaboration Huddles, and the ability to share even more file types from your mobile device (including pictures)!

Learn more about our updated Mobile Apps

Make sure you download iOS version 7.0 and Android version 6.0 or later to keep up to date!


Improved Huddle Discussions:

Give your conversations even more pop with our new and improved Huddle Discussions (available on web and mobile)! Discussion posts are now posted instantly and can be replied to immediately from other participants in the discussion thread. Additionally, formatting options can create a richer text environment for your Huddle Discussions!

Huddle Discussions



Learn More about Huddle Discussions

Huddle Discussion | Sibme Help Center

Even MORE in your Workspace:

Get access to Frameworks, Rubrics, Custom Video Marker Tags and much more in your Workspace. Start all of your Synced and Scripted notes in your private Workspace and then share them with others in Huddles!

Workspace Workspace




Learn more about Workspace


No more “copy” button:

Now, when you’re ready for others to see your videos and other artifacts, simply click the Share option.



Learn more about sharing




Make sure you download the most recent versions of the Sibme Mobile App (iOS version 7.0 and Android version 6.0). Starting July 17th, older versions of the Sibme Mobile App will have some functionality problems, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve updated your apps from the App Store or Google Play store. You won’t need to do anything to see the updates on the web version of Sibme. 

Sibme Missions and Micro PD

Sibme Missions and Micro PD

Sibme Missions and Micro PD


Learn from innovative school leaders Dion Rivera and Letty Roman as they discuss ways to build bite-sized PD challenges that drive meaningful teacher growth!

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Jarod Bormann hosts and discusses questions such as…

  • How do you create a psychologically safe culture to make this work possible?
  • How do you encourage vulnerability among your staff?
  • Tell us why you got started with Video Coaching & Collaboration using Sibme.
  • What are Sibme Missions and why did this idea make sense for your campus?
  • What steps did you take to get your faculty onboard with Sibme Missions?
  • What did the timeline look like for building Micro PD for your staff?
  • How did you spread out Sibme Missions across your school year?
  • How has this changed professional practice in your classrooms & building?
  • What advice would you offer educators & programs that are getting ready for their first year of a professional learning strategy with video?


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Dion Rivera- Principal: Smith Elementary School, Magnolia (TX) ISD

A 13 year educator who rose from a Teacher to Principal at Smith Elementary School in Magnolia I.S.D.  Dion witnessed a transformation Smith Elementary accumulate all six of their designations from TEA. She credits the campus’ shift in culture from what was best for teachers to what’s best for instruction for their overall success.

“We cut out distractions that don’t lead to academic success.  Our culture of instruction and constant feedback and collaboration lead to continuous growth for our teachers and students.”





Letty Roman- Principal: Magnolia Elementary School, Magnolia (TX) ISD

Letty Roman is Principal of Magnolia Elementary. She has been in the district for 14 years with eight years as principal at Smith and four years as assistant principal at Magnolia Elementary.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Texas A&M, and a Master’s degree in Education Administration from Sam Houston State University. She is a 2013 and 2017 fellow of Raise Your Hand Texas Harvard Educational Leadership program.
Ms. Roman has four children— three of them have graduated from Magnolia West High School and the youngest currently attends a school in the district. She is actively involved in her church and the Magnolia community. She enjoys spending time outdoors running, gardening and spending time with her family.
Jarod Bormann
Jarod Bormann formally taught MS/HS English in one of the first 1:1 iPad schools in Iowa. He is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Keystone AEA and annual presenter at the Keystone KPEC ConferenceITEC Iowa (2016 Iowa Featured Speaker), as well as other educational conferences throughout the midwest. Jeffrey has a masters degree in Instructional Technology through the University of Northern Iowa, and is an adjunct professor at UNI.  Recognized as the 2014 Iowa Safe Schools Educator of the Year and 2017 Top 40 Flipped Learning administrators and tech coaches worldwide (FLGlobal.org), Jeffrey is Iowa Board Member of ITEC and presented at the 2016 ISTE conference. In addition to his website, www.professionallydriven.com, Jarod is Co-host of the  Next Level Learning podcast.

Microcredentials and Professional Development Strategies in Union Schools

Microcredentials and Professional Development Strategies in Union Schools

Micro-Credentials and Professional Development Strategies in Union Schools

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Donna Spangler and the faculty of Hershey Middle School to hear about the innovative ways she has worked with teachers unions to provide meaningful, job embedded professional development on her campus. Get specific examples of Microcredentials you can use with your teachers today. Plus, hear from real teachers about how using video-enhanced Microcredentials impacted their professional growth and their student’s achievement.

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Microcredentials as a Disruptive Innovation in Education

Traditional professional learning and student learning:

  • Outdated
  • Vague and static communication device
  • Combine many topics into unclear learning
  • Often does not result in “doing”

Transformative potential of micro-credentials:

  • Increases transparency and quality of professional learning activities and services
  • Transforms communication about learning
  • Represents discrete learning that the earner of the micro-credential knows, understands, and / or has demonstrated the ability to do


What is Microcredentialing?

It is the process of earning a micro-credential which is recognition achieved through demonstrating mastery of a defined skill or competency.

What it is:

  • Competency-based
  • Self-directed with a personalized component
  • Demonstration of new or existing expertise
  • Available on demand
  • Job-embedded
  • Learning by doing

What it is not:

  • Seat-time based
  • One-size-fits-all without opportunities to offer choice or personalize
  • Everyone shows expertise exactly the same way
  • Available only at set times
  • Separate from school or classroom context
  • Learning by memorizing information

Some Misconceptions and Challenges of Microcredentialing


  • Must be purchased from an outside, often for-profit, organization
  • Easy to put together this kind of professional learning
  • “Activities” versus actual structured “competency-based learning”
  • Doesn’t take time to create a quality micro-credential


  • Time factor
  • Misuse as extrinsic motivation to entice learners
  • Too many micro-credentials or badges that they lose their meaning
  • Grain size associated with micro-credentials results in granular approach
  • Unless careful, “parts don’t equal the whole”


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Jarod BormannHosted by Jarod Bormann from Professionally Driven




Microcredential Panelists

Hershey Middle School

Microcredential Panelists




  • Dr. Donna Spangler—Creator of the HMS Micro-credentialing Project and instructional coach at the middle school
  • Mrs. Barbara Clouser—Hershey Education Association President and instructional coach at the high school
  • Dr. Aaron Shuman—Hershey Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Mrs. JoAnn Delaney—6th grade geography teacher and HMS Micro-credentialing Year 1 participant
  • Mr. Greg Eckert—7th grade ELA teacher and HMS Micro-credentialing Year 1 participant
  • Mrs. Renée Owens—8th grade ELA teacher and HMS Micro-credentialing Year 2 participant
  • Mr. Nate Beamer—8th grade ELA American Cultures teacher and Micro-credentialing Year 2 participant

Special thanks to Miss Christen Manari for running our tech today for the meeting.


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Sibme Named SIIA CODiE Award Finalist

HOUSTON, TX (May 1, 2019) Sibme, a software company changing the way that people learn at work, today announced that their fully-integrated web- and mobile-platform was named a 2019 SIIA CODiE Award finalist in the Best Professional Learning Solution for Faculty & Administrative Staff category. Award finalists represent applications, products and services from developers of educational software, digital content, online learning services and related technologies across the PreK-20 sector.


Sibme’s web, iOS, and Android software applications make it easy for teachers and educators to collaborate with one another anytime, anywhere. While all schools have a professional learning strategy, those practices are traditionally limited to the times when people can gather in the same place to receive the same exact message. In contrast, the Sibme platform enables educators to share evidence, including student work samples, lesson plans, and videos of teachers delivering classroom instruction, and have targeted conversations about that evidence in a blended environment to improve teacher-effectiveness and student achievement. Sibme is secure and password protected, guaranteeing the privacy needed for sensitive conversations about students and classroom teaching


“We believe that the best way to learn at work is to learn with others actually doing the work,” said David Wakefield, Sibme’s Founder and CEO. “That mindset about professional learning has always been my vision for the future of schools, and is also the way we support learning within our own organization. The CODiE nomination is validation that people are starting to recognize this. We’re very proud of our software platform and know that they are at the center of this nomination, but also that blended, evidence-based, job-embedded professional learning is the future and enables a culture of continuous learning and growth at work. While teacher development has been the first industry where we’ve seen traction, we believe that all industries would benefit from adopting this way of learning for their employees. The future of work will require employers to re-examine the way they support employee learning. Passive, sit-and-get seminars are ineffective and don’t often lead to improved productivity. We know that the kind of professional learning happening in Sibme today will go from innovative to ubiquitous over the next decade and we’re excited about the possibilities.”


The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier awards for the software and information industries and have recognized product excellence for more than 30 years. The awards offer 76 categories that are organized by industry focus of education technology and business technology. Sibme was honored as one of 139 finalists across the 32 education technology categories.


“The 2019 CODIE Award finalists represent the finest in innovation and creativity in educational technology,” said President Jeff Joseph at SIIA. “These breakthrough products are opening doors for learners of all ages by developing and utilizing new technologies to respond to diverse student and educator needs.”

The SIIA CODiE Awards are the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program. Educators and administrators serve as judges and conduct the first-round review of all education nominees. Their scores determine the SIIA CODiE Award finalists, and SIIA members then vote on the finalist products. The scores from both rounds are tabulated to select the winners.

Winners will be announced during a CODiE Award Celebration at the Ed Tech Industry Conference & CODiE Awards in San Francisco on June 11.


Details about each finalist are listed at https://www.siia.net/codie/2019-Finalists

Teacher Leadership that Beats the Odds

Teacher Leadership that Beats the Odds

Watch this short conversation with three teacher leaders to hear about their experience with using Sibme to exceed expectations for student growth and achievement on their campus. Learn how job-embedded, collaborative, teacher-driven professional development has made the difference for teachers and students on these campuses.

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Professionally Driven with Jarod Bormann

Professionally Driven with Jarod Bormann

Professionally DrivenJoin Cory Camp, Sibme’s Director of Professional Learning, for a conversation with Jarod Bormann, author of Professionally Driven: Empower Every Educator to Redefine PD. Cory and Jarod discuss practices teachers and teams can start today to redefine professional development to make sure that teachers feel empowered to drive their own growth and the growth of all students!

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Jarod Bormann formally taught MS/HS English in one of the first 1:1 iPad schools in Iowa. He is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Keystone AEA and annual presenter at the Keystone KPEC ConferenceITEC Iowa (2016 Iowa Featured Speaker), as well as other educational conferences throughout the midwest. Jeffrey has a masters degree in Instructional Technology through the University of Northern Iowa, and is an adjunct professor at UNI.  Recognized as the 2014 Iowa Safe Schools Educator of the Year and 2017 Top 40 Flipped Learning administrators and tech coaches worldwide (FLGlobal.org), Jeffrey is Iowa Board Member of ITEC and presented at the 2016 ISTE conference. In addition to his website, www.professionallydriven.com, Jarod is Co-host of the  Next Level Learning podcast

Traditionally in education, the letters PD have stood for an antiquated, one-size-fits-all form of professional development inflicted upon educators. Mandated to flock to the same location at the same time, they sit and get the same thing…whether they need it or not. Just mention the words professional development, and you’ll get groans, eye rolls, and deflated educators in response.

Now, educators worldwide are on a mission to foster a movement toward personalized professional development and opportunities for true adult learning. With useful educational technology and a philosophy focused on a growth mindset, intrinsic motivation, and sustainable autonomy, the momentum is growing.

In “Professionally Driven: Empower EVERY Educator to Redefine PD” Jarod Bormann shows us exactly how to effectively implement personalized PD using his successful model. It’s the most extensive explanation anywhere. As a leader in the movement, Jarod lets us in on the process to redefine the letters educators traditionally dread into a true description of the best version of our educator selves – PROFESSIONALLY DRIVEN.

It is time to rethink adult learning and implement a model that helps create energized educators and leads to empowered student learners. Get your copy today and discover how to help yourself and your colleagues redefine PD while leading all educators to be PROFESSIONALLY DRIVEN.

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Micro-teaching and PLC+ with Fisher and Frey

Micro-teaching and PLC+ with Fisher and Frey

Micro Teaching and PLC+ with Fisher and Frey

Fisher and Frey have a lot to say about professional learning communities. And trust us, you want to hear their thoughts. Their innovative new system for designing communities focused on professional learning (and not just calling your department meeting a “PLC”), will completely change the way you think about student-centered instruction.

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In this conversation with Fisher and Frey, learn how to:

  • Explain the role of microteaching in professional learning communities and improving teaching and learning.
  • Identify strengths and needs in current PLC efforts
  • Identify the questions that PLC+ teams can use to deepen student learning
  • Describe cross-cuttting themes that PLC teams should consider in their work

Drawing on five essential questions, Fisher and Frey describe how the plus framework insists that we seek to answer these questions:

  1. Where are we going?
  2. Where are we now?
  3. How do we move learning forward?
  4. What did we learn today?
  5. Who has benefited and who has not?


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Douglas FisherDouglas Fisher, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and a leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College having been an early intervention teacher and elementary school educator. He is the recipient of an International Reading Association William S. Grey citation of merit, an Exemplary Leader award from the Conference on English Leadership of NCTE, as well as a Christa McAuliffe award for excellence in teacher education. He has published numerous articles on reading and literacy, differentiated instruction, and curriculum design as well as books, such as All Learning is Social and Emotional, Building Equity, and Assessment-capable Learners. He can be reached at dfisher@mail.sdsu.edu.


Nancy FreyNancy Frey, Ph.D., is a Professor in Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and the recipient of the 2008 Early Career Achievement Award from the Literacy Research Association. Nancy has published in numerous research journals on subjects related to literacy, equity, and schooling. She is a member of the Literacy Research Panel of the International Literacy Association. Nancy is a credentialed special educator, reading specialist, and administrator in California, and is a co-founder and administrator at Health Sciences High and Middle College.  She can be reached at nfrey@sdsu.edu



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Be a Builder with Dr. Robyn Jackson

Be a Builder with Dr. Robyn Jackson

Robyn Jackson



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Get on-demand access to a special webinar with Dr. Robyn Jackson, author of Never Underestimate your Teachers: Instructional Leadership for Excellence in Every Classroom


Learn how to:

  • Replace “best practices” with actual improvement in your classroom
  • Support struggling teachers in a way that really supports their growth
  • Have authentic conversations based on classroom evidence



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In this webinar, Dr. Jackson answers the following questions:

  • How has the concept of “best practices” changed the way that we think about teaching and learning? Does it hurt the way leaders support teacher-growth?
  • What feedback strategies should leaders use with struggling teachers?
  • How can feedback from an administrator shut down teacher-growth, and how can leaders avoid that trap?
  • How can leaders use curiosity to drive feedback conversations and how can they avoid judgement?
  • What do school-leaders need to “unlearn” from their training on how to do observations?
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Dr. Robyn JacksonDr. Robyn R. Jackson is passionate about the profession of teaching. She helps teachers and administrators understand the principles of mastery teaching and shows them how to apply these principles in order to help every student succeed. As a former high school English teacher and middle school administrator, she refined these principles on her own journey to become a master teacher. As a best-selling author, internationally recognized keynote speaker, and professional developer, she provides step-by-step advice and strategies on how to use these same principles to become or help others become master teachers. Because she believes that every child deserves a master teacher and that any teacher can become a master teacher with the right kind of support and practice, she started Mindsteps™ Inc., a professional development firm located in Washington, DC to provide the right kind of practice for teachers and the administrators who lead them. She doesn’t just want to change how we teach; Dr. Jackson wants to change the way that we think about teaching.


  • National Board Certified AP English Teacher: As a National Board Certified English teacher, she increased the enrollment of minority and non traditional students in her AP Language and Composition classes and tripled her course enrollment within one year without a decrease in her students’ test scores.
  • Award winning administrator: As a middle school administrator in Montgomery County Maryland, she worked to revise the district’s Gifted and Talented program to be more inclusive of underrepresented students and better prepare students for rigorous high school work. She also compiled the final draft of the district’s Middle School Reform Report and helped lead one of the largest middle schools in the district to win the state and national Blue Ribbon.
  • A nationally recognized keynote speaker and consultant: Dr. Jackson has worked with school districts, non-profit organizations, and state departments of education throughout the US and abroad to help schools develop sustainable approaches to professional development and increased students achievement. Her books are translated into four languages. University Professor and Researcher: As an educator, she has served as an adjunct professor at Towson University and Bowie University and presented her own research on equity, access, rigor, and instructional strategies designed to help under-represented and under-served student populations meet rigorous learning standards at several national conferences.

Dr. Jackson is the author of 10 books:

  • The Differentiation Workbook: A step-by-step guide to creating lessons that help every student meet the standards
  • The Instructional Leader’s Guide to Strategic Conversations with Teachers
  • Never Work Harder than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching
  • How to Support Struggling Students
  • How to Plan Rigorous Instruction
  • How to Motivate Resistant Learners
  • The AP* Teachers Resource Book
  • Never Underestimate Your Teachers: Instructional Leadership for Excellence in Every Classroom
  • You Can Do This. Hope and Help for New Teachers
  • Real Engagement: How Do I Help My Students Become Motivated, Confident, and Self-Directed Learners? (co-authored with Allison Zmuda)

Learn more about Dr. Jackson



School Leadership Reimagined Podcast


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STEM Panel: Developing Curriculum, Improving Outcomes, and Managing Change

STEM Panel: Developing Curriculum, Improving Outcomes, and Managing Change

STEM Panel

Get on-demand access to this panel discussion with two leaders in STEM education

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Learn how to…

  • build a STEM-focused culture
  • figure out how to transition from “telling” to “teaching”
  • move beyond curriculum to instruction

Panelists Mike Fumagalli and Tricia Shelton share knowledge garnered as teachers, school leaders, curriculum specialists, and thought leaders in the field of STEM education.

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Transforming School Culture with Anthony Muhammad

Transforming School Culture with Anthony Muhammad



“The school’s most valuable resource is the human resource, and its the one they invest in the least.”

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This webinar with Dr. Anthony Muhammad, author of Time for Change: Four Essential Skills for Transformational School and District Leaders, joined us for an invigorating conversation about school transformation, institutional change, and the game-changing skills school leaders need to transform schools!

Dr. Muhammad discusses the following four skills in depth:

  1. Communicating the reason (both “intellectually” and “morally”) for the change.
  2. Building trust (through empathy and reliability) with and among the team.
  3. Providing professional support (helping people develop the skills so they know “how” to change)
  4. Holding people accountable

Additionally, Anthony Muhammad answers the following questions:

  • How does administrative behavior affect teacher stress and frustration?
  • What motivates teachers to enthusiastically embrace change?
  • How do philosophical conflicts and power struggles affect school change?
  • What is the effect of “initiative fatigue” on teacher enthusiasm about innovation?


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Anthony Muhammad

Anthony Muhammad is an author and international thought leader.  He currently serves as the CEO of New Frontier 21 Consulting, a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge professional development to schools all over the world.  He served as a practitioner for nearly twenty years.  Dr. Muhammad served as a middle school teacher, assistant principal, middle school principal, and high school principal.  His tenure as a practitioner has earned him several awards as both a teacher and a principal.

Dr. Muhammad is recognized as one of the field’s leading experts in the areas of school culture and Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  His work has allowed him to work with schools in all 50 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces, the Caribbean, Africa, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Dr. Muhammad is a best-selling author.  He is the author of the books Time for Change: The Four Essential Skills of a Transformational School Leader (2019); Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap: Liberating Mindsets to Effect Change (2015); The Will to Lead and the Skill to Teach; Transforming Schools at Every Level (2011); Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division 2nd Edition (2017); and a contributing author to the book The Collaborative Administrator: Working Together as a Professional Learning Community (2008).  He has published 26 articles in education journals and publications in seven different countries.


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