Professional Collaboration Challenge with Video


We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with The Principal Center to power a video-enhanced professional collaboration challenge!

Professional athletes spend hours reviewing game tape to improve their performance by watching themselves and others..

Knowing the impact that teachers have on student achievement, isn’t it time for educators to do the same?

In this challenge, participants will learn how video is being successfully used by teachers, instructional coaches, mentors, and administrators to both promote collaboration within professional learning models and to improve individual teaching practices.

Use this challenge to explore concrete ways to continuously build the capacity of educators on your team, department, or school.

Why Seeing Is Believing

Every educator understands the power of collaboration. When we work together to improve our practice—whether our focus is instructional strategies, curriculum, student work, or data analysis—the results can be amazing.

Getting feedback from your peers on your plans or your students’ work can be incredibly valuable.

Too often, though, we don’t get any feedback on the aspect of our practice that most directly impacts our students: our teaching.

Even though we know how powerful it could be, we almost never observe each other.

It’s easy to understand why—getting feedback from a peer can be intimidating, not to mention a logistical challenge.

Arranging schedules, finding substitutes, creating a climate of trust—it’s no wonder that virtually everyone believes we should see each other teach, yet virtually no one ever does it.

That’s why we created the Professional Collaboration Challenge—to help you gain greater insights into your own practice, and give and receive helpful feedback around your most important instructional priorities.

Register for the Professional Collaboration Challenge, and we’ll share powerful strategies, tools, and techniques for making collaboration part of your practice, without disrupting your schedule or taking more time out of your day.

How The Challenge Works

Each week, we’ll send you an action plan

Record a short clip of your teaching using your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android)

Upload a short clip

Review and annotate the clip, capturing insights as you watch

Reflect on your practice and future plans

When you’re ready, share video with a peer for confidential collaboration

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