Defining Effective Practice, Changing Reflection with Alisa Simeral

Alisa Simeral has strategies, practices, and conversation stems to help you build a culture of self-reflection on your team. Reflective practices are not all created equal. It’s quite possible to engage in reflective practice and walk away no different than you were before. So what does effective, practice-changing metacognition look like/sound like? Let’s not waste anymore time! Join us for a special webinar with Alisa Simeral, author of “Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building Your Capacity for Success in the Classroom” and “Creating A Culture of Reflective Practice.” Learn how schools can become reflective institutions. The more reflective we are, the more effective we are!


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Alisa Simeral






Alisa Simeral is a veteran educator and school turnaround specialist. She is the co-other of 5 books, including:





Alisa Simeral’s emphasis is, and always has been, on improving the adult-input factors that contribute to the betterment of student-output results.

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