Impact Now: Instructional Coaching with Video Part 6

Impact Now: Instructional Coaching with Video

Part 6 of our 9 Part series

In this webinar, Dr. Tonya Goree, popular speaker and award-winning elementary school principal, along with two of her building instructional coaches, will discuss their use of Sibme’s video library and the role video plays for collaborative learning with peers and PLCs.


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Webinar 6 Objectives:  

  1. Understand the purpose and process for building out Sibme’s video library
  2. Explore the role video plays in collaborative learning with peers and PLCs


  • In addition to using video as a coaching tool with the goal of filming instruction in order to provide feedback and document growth, coaches find value in recording lessons that can be used to build out Sibme’s video library
  • The video library exists as a place to store exemplar videos that can be searched by subject and topic
  • The video library is valuable because it houses:
  • Model videos of specific school-wide strategies
  • These strategies can reflect a building’s area of focus over the course of an entire year
  • The videos can be used to show the work of various departments within the school
  • Any consultant who visits the school to share strategies agree to have 2-3 of the feature strategies filmed
  • Additionally, the value of video goes beyond coaching and beyond the library to include the use of video for collaboration and PLCs
  • In terms of collaboration…
  • In terms of PLCs…


 Homework for January/February:


  • Discuss and decide whether and how the video library will be used, the norms/protocols around the use of the library
  • Identify the purposes for using video for collaboration and PLCs


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