Professionally Driven with Jarod Bormann

Professionally DrivenJoin Cory Camp, Sibme’s Director of Professional Learning, for a conversation with Jarod Bormann, author of Professionally Driven: Empower Every Educator to Redefine PD. Cory and Jarod discuss practices teachers and teams can start today to redefine professional development to make sure that teachers feel empowered to drive their own growth and the growth of all students!

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Jarod Bormann formally taught MS/HS English in one of the first 1:1 iPad schools in Iowa. He is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Keystone AEA and annual presenter at the Keystone KPEC ConferenceITEC Iowa (2016 Iowa Featured Speaker), as well as other educational conferences throughout the midwest. Jeffrey has a masters degree in Instructional Technology through the University of Northern Iowa, and is an adjunct professor at UNI.  Recognized as the 2014 Iowa Safe Schools Educator of the Year and 2017 Top 40 Flipped Learning administrators and tech coaches worldwide (, Jeffrey is Iowa Board Member of ITEC and presented at the 2016 ISTE conference. In addition to his website,, Jarod is Co-host of the  Next Level Learning podcast

Traditionally in education, the letters PD have stood for an antiquated, one-size-fits-all form of professional development inflicted upon educators. Mandated to flock to the same location at the same time, they sit and get the same thing…whether they need it or not. Just mention the words professional development, and you’ll get groans, eye rolls, and deflated educators in response.

Now, educators worldwide are on a mission to foster a movement toward personalized professional development and opportunities for true adult learning. With useful educational technology and a philosophy focused on a growth mindset, intrinsic motivation, and sustainable autonomy, the momentum is growing.

In “Professionally Driven: Empower EVERY Educator to Redefine PD” Jarod Bormann shows us exactly how to effectively implement personalized PD using his successful model. It’s the most extensive explanation anywhere. As a leader in the movement, Jarod lets us in on the process to redefine the letters educators traditionally dread into a true description of the best version of our educator selves – PROFESSIONALLY DRIVEN.

It is time to rethink adult learning and implement a model that helps create energized educators and leads to empowered student learners. Get your copy today and discover how to help yourself and your colleagues redefine PD while leading all educators to be PROFESSIONALLY DRIVEN.

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