Professional Learning Models

Video-enhanced professional learning can change the culture of a school and help raise student achievement

Why adopt video-enhanced professional learning?

Why teachers hesitate to use video?

Videos are cumbersome to store
It is difficult to track down a video or flip camera to use for filming
It requires that someone else is available for filming
It is challenging to easily access video after they have been filmed
The sound quality of videos is usually not good
It is difficult to share the video after it has been filmed
The school’s culture lacks trust

How Sibme can help!

Use the iOS app to record and upload seamlessly with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Use the Android app to record and upload seamlessly from Android devices
Control exactly when to start and stop filming without the help of a colleague
Easily upload the videos you film
Easily access and share the videos you film
Control who sees your video
Provide time-stamped comments for reflection and professional conversations

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