Sibme Virtual Coaching

Sibme Virtual Coaches use a personalized approach to help teachers grow. Our dynamic, hybrid approach helps teachers evaluate their current practices in a collaborative environment, set goals, record “snapshot” videos, and receive feedback from highly qualified instructional coaches.

Who Hires Virtual Coaches?


Administrators who want to help teachers grow, but who don’t have
the time or bandwidth to do it themselves.

How it Works

Teachers meet their Virtual Coach via web conference to either review “handoff goals” shared by an administrator or to set strategic goals and agree on first steps.

Using a smartphone, tablet, or webcam, teacher records a focused “snapshot” lesson-segment and uploads it to the private, secure Coaching Huddle shared only with the coach.

In addition to weekly conferences, the virtual coach watches each video, provides time-stamped feedback for teacher reflection, and shares relevant resources to support each teacher’s goal.

The teacher and administrator will receive a weekly goal-based coaching report throughout the six-week virtual coaching cycle.

The Sibme Coaching Cycle

6-week personalized coaching cycle

Countinuous Improvement Cycle

The Sibme Coaching cycle

“Professional learning is evolving! By combining the Sibme platform, which allows teachers to film, share, and receive specific feedback, with the use of personalized web-conferences, highly skilled and experienced virtual coaches are able to customize a teacher’s learning experience by focusing on achievable goals in areas that, when improved, will impact student achievement.”

Allyson Burnett

Director of Professional Learning and Virtual Coaching

Sibme Virtual Coach begins 6-week
personalized coaching cycle:

Prior to the start of the coaching cycle, Sibme’s school liaison will meet with the teacher to provide an overview of the coaching process, introduce the teacher to the Sibme platform where he/she will record and submit videos to a coaching huddle, and explain the first assignment – record two “getting started” videos to share with the coach

Virtual coaches and teachers meet six times for personalized coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts

Sibme Virtual Coaches review a total of 12-18 snapshot videos shared by the teacher in the private coaching huddle on the Sibme platform. Coaches watch these videos and provide time-stamped feedback focused on each teacher’s goals

Coaches select resources to share and discuss with the teacher based on the specific goals and needs of the teacher

Coaches email weekly reports to the teacher and teacher’s supervisor providing details regarding the areas of focus that week, the action plan for the coach and the teacher, and documentation of the resources shared

Continuous Improvement Cycle:

Identify Goals

Observe / Reflect on Growth

See Current Reality

Learn New Strategies

Why Virtual Coaching?

Traditional Professional Development

Providing on-site professional development or sending teachers out of the building for professional development is costly, less personalized, and less likely to lead to implementation of new learning
Participants are often asked to passively “sit and get” in large sessions lasting hours
Participants are not given enough opportunities to clarify understanding, personalize the information to their classroom, follow-up with questions or concerns, or practice
Teachers rarely receive feedback tracking their progress as they are applying new learning to their teaching practices

Sibme Virtual Coaching

Sibme virtual coaching helps schools save money –up to 30%. Targeted and personalized coaching and professional learning increases the likeliness of implementation of new learning
Sessions between the coach and teacher typically last 45 minutes—an optimum time for staying focused, engaged, and learning
Personalized and on-going interaction between the teacher and coach gives the teacher a chance to partner with a trusted expert and try new things in a safe space
In addition to viewing and providing feedback on focused videos shared by the teacher, coaches use Sibme Analytics to track the progress of teachers

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