Why Sibme?

Video-enhanced professional learning and coaching makes all your initiatives ongoing, classroom focused, collaborative, and job-embedded, all of the factors that lead to success. The Sibme platform is flexible and enhances the following professional learning models in a single user-friendly, secure platform.

Peer Observations

Sibme’s collegial partner Huddles provide a safe space to model lessons and share instructional strategies with peers you trust. Traditional Peer Observations spend scarce resources on substitute teachers, lose precious instructional days, and limit observations to less-than-ideal times. Sibme stops time and allows you to focus on exactly on what you want to observe and share.

Teachers can control the videotaping process using their own iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android. Capture only what you want to model, upload to Sibme, and quickly share the whole video lesson or use our video editor to clip specific segments. Pair with related resources in our secure Huddles to share with peers.


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