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Sibme is an online video coaching and collaboration platform designed to improve professional practice. START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY!FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED

“Video is the single most powerful technological advancement in professional learning in schools in our lifetimes.”

– Dr. Jim Knight

Sibme bridges theory and practice—
breaking down barriers of time and space.

Our three solutions make teachable moments happen anytime, anywhere:

Sibme Platform

Our video coaching and collaboration platform improves professional practices of teams, schools, districts, and programs at scale.

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Sibme Professional Services

Our customizable platform and consulting services help with implementation of video-enhanced professional learning and coaching in your school, district, educator preparation program, or organization.

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Sibme Virtual Coaching

Our highly qualified virtual instructional coaches provide personalized attention to help teachers grow. Our dynamic, hybrid approach helps teachers focus on goals, record “snapshot” videos, and receive time-stamped, expert feedback for improvement from Sibme’s highly qualified instructional coaches.

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What our clients say…

<p class=”wocs-overflow”>Sibme’s video coaching platform is without question the best way to manage coaching relationships at scale, within a school or across great distances. It’s what I use with my coaching clients, and what I recommend to schools, districts, and agencies seeking to make their coaching efforts more systematic and impactful.</p>

Justin Baeder

Director, The Principal Center

<p class=”wocs-overflow”>Sibme allows my team to coach administrators and teachers more effectively. Through video, we are able to help with refining T-TESS evaluations and administrator coaching, as well as gather exemplars to share as models for teachers. This allows us to be more efficient and effective in reaching a large amount of people, with little central staff.</p>

Holly Durham

Director of Humanities 6-12, Spring Branch ISD

<p class=”wocs-overflow”>We are no longer limited to on-site visits or by conflicting schedules; it’s easy for teachers to record a segment of instruction they’d like feedback on or want to highlight. When we are on-site, the synced notes feature is my favorite! No need to take all my notes from my observation and summarize them in a lengthy email; now my feedback is available as soon as I publish a video.</p>

Cory Camp

Ed. Specialist, ESC Region 12


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