Impact Now: The Value of Video for Self-Reflection and Instructional Coaching Through the Lens of the Administrators

In this webinar, Dr. Tonya Goree, popular speaker and award-winning elementary school principal, along with administrators Melissa Martin and Lydia McGee, will discuss using video for self-reflection and instructional coaching from the administrator’s point of view.



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Objective 1

  • It’s important to establish a culture of trust before coaching with video begins
  • The first messages from leaders to teachers about using video has to emphasize the purpose—which is ultimately student success through improved instruction
  • Trust is established when teachers understand that coaching with video is about growth—not about “I gotchas”
  • Trust is established as relationships are built and time is spent working on professional growth

Objective 2

  • Teachers understand coaching is strictly focused on professional growth
  • The person who evaluates a teacher is never the person who coaches them—the lines never cross

Objective 3

  • Those in the coaching role have to share the same philosophy and purpose around the use of video and time is spent developing that philosophy
  • Each year there is a focus for improving some aspect of calibration
  • This year’s calibration focus was around better feedback for better coaching

Objective 4

  • Self-reflection helps teachers learn ways to refine their teaching
  • Teacher awareness increases when video is introduced
  • Teachers understand that self-reflection is an on-going process

Objective 5

  • Because the teacher selects the goal, trust is built and the teacher is vested in achieving the goal
  • As coaches watch videos of teachers working on the teacher-selected goal, they can begin to formulate ideas for the coach-selected goal

Objective 6

  • Trust is built between the coach and teacher during coaching cycle 2—where the teacher selected goal
  • Through collaboration, the coach selects the next goal for the teacher’s professional growth

Objective 7

  • Adding teacher exemplar videos into the video library provides powerful models
  • When the video library is built out, administrators no longer need to find “coverage” so teachers can visit classrooms of others—they can simply go to the video library

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