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Sibme is an online video coaching and collaboration platform changing the way people learn at work

“In my 15 years as an administrator, nothing has been more impactful for improving classroom instruction than video coaching. The coaching process coupled with the use of the Sibme platform improves what happens in the classroom by providing teachers the opportunity to see classroom practices through the same lens as the instructional coach. The results of this process benefit the academic performance of all students.”

– Dr. Tonya Goree

Sibme bridges theory and practice—
breaking down barriers of time and space.

Our three solutions make teachable moments happen anytime, anywhere:

Sibme Platform

Our video coaching and collaboration platform improves professional practices of teams, schools, districts, and programs at scale.

Sibme Professional Services

Our customizable platform and consulting services help with implementation of video-enhanced professional learning and coaching in your school, district, educator preparation program, or organization.

Sibme Virtual Coaching

Our highly qualified virtual instructional coaches provide personalized attention to help teachers grow. Our dynamic, hybrid approach helps teachers focus on goals, record “snapshot” videos, and receive time-stamped, expert feedback for improvement from Sibme’s highly qualified instructional coaches.



Sibme’s video coaching platform is without question the best way to manage coaching relationships at scale, within a school or across great distances. It’s what I use with my coaching clients, and what I recommend to schools, districts, and agencies seeking to make their coaching efforts more systematic and impactful.

Justin Baeder

Director, The Principal Center

Had a great meeting with Ms. Yuraszeck and Ms. Cubillos from Impulso Docente who made a visit to Smith from Chile. Love sharing how @SibmeApp is a powerful tool for teacher and coaching reflection.

Mrs. Koop

This is a great idea! Often teachers think we’re giving them a lot of wait time, but it’s not as long as we think. #BeWillbern Great use of @SibmeApp!

LeeAnn Chew

We are using @SibmeApp for 6 week coaching cycles as well as use for coaching, teacher self-reflection and teacher collaborative work. So far so good and teachers are loving it @Hobby_Mustangs

Isaac Daniels

My favorite tool is @SibmeApp along with the trusty smartphone! I use these in my coaching work with teachers. Digitally recorded lessons shared privately with me via @SibmeApp allow me to provide timely feedback to a lesson/goal that really matters to a teacher! #HCESCedchat

Julie Scarlato

Video Coaching is one of the “best coaching practices” for teachers to see the live data to “improve instructional practices”. @SafeCivilSchool @TASSP1 . @SibmeApp

Ranesia D. Edwards

@sibmeapp SIBME is the most powerful tool I’ve had the opportunity to use that truly extends professional growth by all people involved in the process of using it!!!

Lillian Pope


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