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The School Leader’s Guide to Building and Sustaining Math Success

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Get on-demand access to our recent webinar with Marian Small and Doug Duff, authors of “The School Leader’s Guide to Building and Sustaining Math Success.”

In this webinar, Marian and Doug answer these questions:

  • What does it look like when great math is happening in a school?
  • Why does it matter that principals know what’s going on in the math classroom? How does he or she get started?
  • What does he or she need to know about math to do that?
  • What does he or she need to look for when…
    • looking at student work?
    • observing classrooms?
    • talking to teachers?
  • How does the principal sustain improvements ?

In addition to these questions:

  • Hear the three big “look-fors” that everyone should use to see math cognition in classrooms
  • Find the difference between “busy” and “engaged” math learning
  • Hear what “good math talk” sounds like.
  • Learn how to build collective efficacy throughout your school community
  • See more of this….

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Marian SmallMarian Small, the former dean of education at the University of New Brunswick in Canada, writes and speaks about K–12 math around the world. Her focus is on teacher questioning to get at the important math concepts, include and extend all students, and focus on critical thinking and creativity.


Doug DuffDoug Duff is currently a principal instructional leadership coach with the Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario, Canada. He has been particularly interested in math education and school improvement for 20 years in various capacities, both nationally and internationally. He has worked with a major Canadian publisher as a senior consultant, multi-grade textbook author, and national presenter for mathematics leadership and professional learning.




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